Client Testimonials

Working with Brix is so much fun. As a model who has worked with many photographers all over the world, Brix is amongst the best. He's fun, creative and knows how to put you at ease to get the best shot. I highly recommend Brix to anyone wanting a professional portfolio. He's so EPIC!

Caria Watt
International & Published Model

Having had the pleasure of working with Brix, I would wholeheartedly recommend him as a photographer. He is professional, approachable and brings an element of fun and excitement to photoshoots. When on set, Brix works hard to ensure all of the team are comfortable and at ease. He’s bursting with ideas and enthusiasm for his work, producing high quality images, with a quick turnaround. His communication before, during and after a shoot is fantastic. Whilst on set, he gives fantastic direction and works hard to get the perfect shot.

I am really looking forward to working with Brix again in the future.

Emily Cole
International & Published Model

Upon meeting Brix for the first time there was an instant professional connection. He was very lovely and set off good vibes and energy. He was interested in what I wanted to get out of the shoot, and was open to ideas. He always made sure throughout the day I was comfortable and liked what we had shot. So when I wanted to explore other sides of modelling (e.g. fine art nude) I knew I wouldn't use anyone other than Brix. I was so comfortable throughout the whole shoot, had so much fun and got some of the best shots I've ever done. Brix is so incredibly talented at what he does, his work is a true reflection of that and I'm now privileged to call him a friend. I can't wait to do many more shoots with him.

Jade Williams
Published Model

Going on a photo shoot with Brix Punzalan is such an adventure. Leaving while the sky is black and the moon and stars are shining, heading for the mountains to be sure to get the perfect lighting and fog setting! An astonishing experience seeing him in his zone, wondering what and how he sees beyond the normal eye. There is no fear when it comes to what he loves and will do what it takes to get the perfect shot. He was my first nude photo shoot, and i will admit at first I was nervous and maybe a bit self conscious, But after just a few moments, that all shook away. He helped me release barriers and develop a feeling of freedom myself, jumping and twirling around naked on a mountain top at five in the misty morning. You can not help but feel so alive. I have known Brix now for a few years and have always enjoyed his work. Seeing how his work progresses over time is quite enjoyable as well. He really does capture the magic in this world, and if any one can succeed in being a photographer, it is definitely going to be our jolly and super outgoing Brix Punzalan! I am looking forward to working with him again and seeing his work continue!

Faustina Rose
International & Published Model

Brix is one of the most professional, talented, energetic, enthusiastic, excited kind and caring photographers I have ever worked with. He is extremely outgoing and has such a contagious laugh and smile. He is always willing to please and always goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable and relaxed on and off set. He always takes into consideration your ideas, views and opinions to creatively capture and produce high quality images. Brix works extremely hard to incorporate both his unique style and creativity into each of his images and also directs the model easily when needed. He should be commended on his communication and organisation before, during and after photoshoots. If you ever get the opportunity to shoot with Brix, you won’t ever forget it! I would highly recommend him.

Kimmy Wright
Published Model

Thank you so much for the kind works & confidence boost. Working with you was an absolute pleasure and it couldn't have gone more smoothly! You were fantastic to work with - probably one of my favourite photographers yet! Partially because you definitely made me feel comfortable and having you direct the shots was really good as well. It helped a lot with my learning how to pose & what looks good I front of the camera. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you this weekend, I hope we have many more to come!

Simone Herman
Freelance Model

Absolutely amazing working with you Brix. You definitely know how to direct and made a gal like me feel comfortable and confident in my own skin. Incredibly excited to see the outcome! You're an absolute star! Also I'm not sure if anyone told you, but WE ALL loved you and your work ethic on the day of the Eurasian Hotties shoot Brix! You really killed it. Like I cannot even stress how brilliant you were man.

Marinella Pulitano
Freelance Model

Shooting with Brix was a lot like the mix of pleasure and business. He was extremely professional yet at the same time made sure that I was comfortable and at my best. I believe that he helped me grow as a model through not only personal advice but also tips on poses and he was also able to push me beyond my comfort zone. He himself is constantly growing as a photographer and to me, he is also now a friend. I am sure that it is because of his down to earth and funny personality as well as skill and knowledge in photography, that he was able to produce such amazing shots with me and continues to do so with other models. Keep doing what you do!

Emily Bellrose
Import Model

I recently had the pleasure of shooting with Brix and was amazed by his level of skill and professionalism. I felt so comfortable during the shoot and Brix’s charisma and enthusiasm had me smiling and laughing the whole day. Brix really does have some amazing ideas and concepts and his direction for posing and placement of these shots was so well communicated, I found it made the shoot flow smoothly and quickly and resulted in us achieving beautiful shots. His organisation of the shoot was flawless, as was his conduct during and after the shoot. The final edited images are of such high quality I am amazed he managed to produce them in such a timely manner. His photo editing skills are astounding, to the point where even photos I would have discarded have been turned into masterpieces. I would highly recommend using Brix and personally can’t wait to shoot with him again.

Emma Flemming
EDGE Model

Brix was an absolute pleasure to work with, in every way. Right from the first email through to receiving the edited shots, Brix displayed professionalism and genuine artistic flair and passion. We had so much fun on location, and it was truly like hanging out with an old friend. Brix gave really clear direction and had a fantastic vision for the shoot. The shots we ended up with were fantastic and truly reflect his commitment to excellence. I hope to work with him many times in the future.

Chiara Gizzi
Actress & WINK Model

I had an amazing day yesterday! And I want to really thank you! I was talking to Ben when we where leaving to my car and I said you were one of the best photographers that I have worked with! You not only made me feel incredibly comfortable but you made us all have fun which is most important and I think that really showed in the shots because they look amazing

Georgie Millar
Freelance Model

After my recent photo shoot with Brix, I would love to recommend him as a photographer to any aspiring model. His professionalism made me feel extremely comfortable and confident and as it was my first photo shoot ever that was very helpful to me. Whilst on set, Brix made it enjoyable and fun and when I was not posing for photos, I was laughing. Before the shoot I was really nervous with the different posing I would need to do to capture amazing photos, but with his careful and attentive communication and direction I was able to get a grip on posing and we were able to capture some really great shots. Prior to this photo shoot I did not think I had what it took to be a model, but now I feel much more confident and excited for what the future holds and with plans for more photo shoots soon I’m looking forward to working again with Brix.

Alice Fewster
WINK Models


Partner Testimonial

I’ve worked with Brix on a number of his shoots and the one thing I would say that sets him apart is the fun energy and warm personality he brings into his shoots. He holds this strong yet relaxed confidence in himself that really facilitates in creating a relaxing environment with his clients. I’ve seen clients in their first shoot with Brix, easily warm up, get into their zone, have fun and just own it. He is infinitely creative and his experience past the camera allows him to bring out the best in the people he works with. If you’re shooting with Brix, I can confidently say that you’re going to have fun and you’re going to be grinning for a few days when you and your friends see the finished shots.

Michael Garganera
Videographer & Director